Spencer's Club

Spencer’s Club is an after school care facility for the exclusive use of children from St. James and The Abbey. Sessions run from 3.15pm until 6.00pm every evening and are based down in the Community room. The children are given a choice of snacks and drinks. A taxi is provided to collect the children from The Abbey School. The children experience stimulating play activities and there is a quiet area where children can relax, read or do homework. The club is managed by Laura Fuller and is supported by young caring adults. All of the staff at Spencer’s are also members of our own support staff in the main school and preschool.

After School Club Supervisor

Laura Fuller

After School Club Assistants

Rebecca Dixon, Sarah Cox, Jane Greensill

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club begins at 7.30 am and the children are brought to school in time for registration. The Abbey children are walked to school for 8.45a.m. It operates in a very similar way to Spencer’s Club, providing similar activities and standards of care, with a choice of hot or cold breakfast meals.

Breakfast Club Supervisor

Laura Fuller

Breakfast Club Assistants

Lorraine Goddard, Rebecca Dixon, Karen Shafto

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