e-safety for children

We all have fun online and we want it to stay that way. If you make sure you follow our simple rules in school and some simple e-safety advice out of school you will be well on the way to enjoying the wonderful world wide web (wwww!). Our rules for internet safety in school are:

  • Ask an adult for permission before using the internet.
  • Do not bring in usb sticks with games (or other content) on from home.
  • Switch Hector on straight away and tell a grown up if you see anything scary or not very nice.
  • Use the internet sensibly or not at all.

If you want to learn more about staying safe on-line then the sites below are both full of information and fun!

Kidsmart gives you lots of advice on how to stay safe online. There’s a section for kids under 11 years old and a separate section for those over 11 years old.

McGruff is a Crime Dog - world famous for his advice on how to stop crime before it happens, and for his great sense of humour! Some of his work involves teaching children how to stay safe online. Check out the different areas of the site – there’s so much to learn!

CBBC - Stay Safe - a fantastic amount of games, videos and songs to help you stay safe online.

Grid Club is an amazing resource for all subjects. The cybercafé within Gridclub is a safe online community where you can make choices without getting hurt. You can join in the fun at the cybercafé by playing the game.

NetSmartzKids be cool and show your friends how much you know about Internet safety by watching the video clips on here. There are also loads of activities and games that will test your knowledge!

Safety Land Safety land is normally a very nice place to live, but a nasty character is sending yucky emails and messages. Captain Broadband needs your help to find the nasty character. You need to navigate around Safety land answering questions. When you have answered them all correctly, the nasty character will be taken to jail and you’ll become a certified hero, just like Captain Broadband.

Disney's Surf Swell Island Surf Swell island provides you with lots of adventures in internet safety so that you can collect jewels to take to treasure palace – are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Think You Know (5-7) The “Thinkuknow” website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre. There’s a lot of information here for both children and adults – parents even have their own area of the site!