Our Academy

Ethos and Values-based education

Our ethos illustrates our shared values and standards.  At St James we celebrate each child so that they are happy children with a positive sense of well-being.  We provide a bright, welcoming, safe, secure and stimulating environment enabling children to be the best that they can be. 

Our Aims

  • To provide an inclusive and inspiring environment where learning is fun.
  • To ensure every child is inspired to achieve their full potential.
  • To provide opportunities for every child to use initiative so that they can take responsibility and ownership of their own learning.
  • To put well-being at the heart of everything we do so that children demonstrate integrity as they take their next steps.
  • To nurture involvement in the community.

Values education is not a standalone subject; it is an approach to quality teaching and learning, it aims to raise achievement and encourage children to be self-disciplined as active learners.  It underpins everything; from our organisation to the development of good relationships, skills for life and promoting positive attitudes and behaviours.

Bramble, our school mascot, is used as a teaching aid to encourage children to adhere to our values, ethos and positive behaviour policy.  He is a daily reminder of our high standards and also promotes the importance of creativity.  Bramble is helped by a family of bears; our Value Bears.  They all have their own personal values which they share with the children.

We want children to leave St James who:

  • Are friendly and positive and able to show co-operation.
  • Are kind and understanding and able to show tolerance.
  • Are honest and able to take responsibility.
  • Are imaginative and show creativity.
  • Are caring and able to show empathy.
  • Who are resilient and determined and able to persevere.

Timmy Teamwork

Timmy Teamwork
I am friendly and positive.
I show co-operation.

Fair Florence

Fair Florence
I am kind and understanding.
I show tolerance.


Honest Orla

Honest Orla
I am honest.
I show responsibility.


Caring Christopher

Caring Christopher
I am caring.
I show empathy


Independent Isaac

Independent Isaac
I am resilient and determined.
I show perseverance.