Our Team

Mrs Gail Gynn

Head Teacher

Designated Safeguarding Lead


My Favourite Things:

Food: I love food!  Chocolate as a treat is a real wow though.

Drink:  A lovely cup of tea!

Colour: Definitely blue

Animal: Dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters – in my home, but in the wild - elephants, pandas and monkeys.

Music: All sorts – anything from the 80’s and Queen or a bit of One Direction, Little Mix and Bastille.

Pets: Used to have guinea pigs and a hamster, but not anymore.

Book: I have 4 big book cases in my house – I love reading anything!

My Hobbies

*Walking inside or outside - I can walk up to 4 miles in my lounge!

*Watching musicals


*Cooking and baking


*Spending time with my family

My Family:

My husband and 4 wonderful children.